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Feeling overwhelmed by water challenges? Unleash the power of "we" in our hive of innovation. Learn, Innovate, Collaborate through hands-on programs, trainings, tech showcases, and expert workshops. We equip individuals and businesses with knowledge and skills, empower early‑stage startups and pioneers, and build collaborations across the value chain. 


Navigating the complexities of water management can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone.

Global Water Innovation Centre for Action is your one-stop shop for empowering your water stewardship journey, from learning the ropes to implementing cutting-edge solutions.

Master water, your way! Learn with curated programs or bespoke coaching. Dive deep on tech tours, unlock water secrets in our lab. Collaborate with fellow stewards in our vibrant co-working space. No matter your expertise, we empower your water journey.

Ready to chart your course to a water-positive future? Explore our diverse solutions and read more about each solution below!

Capacity Building
Become a Water Steward: Learn, Save, Thrive!

Become a water conservation champ with our diverse learning programs! Dive deep into comprehensive courses or tailor-fit your learning path. Whether you're a new recruit or a seasoned warrior, we have the perfect program to empower your water stewardship journey.

Craving even more flexibility? We craft bespoke training to fit your specific goals. Take the first step towards your water-saving superhero transformation - read more and embark on your learning adventure today!

Advisory & Consultation
Demystifying Water Stewardship: Conquer Your Water Challenges!

Feeling overwhelmed by water stewardship? Let our advisors ease your worries! We dive deep into your water usage, pinpoint saving opportunities, and craft a personalized plan. 

Forget the guesswork—our water audits, risk assessments, and tech integration support empower you to make informed decisions that benefit your wallet, the planet, and your water stewardship goals. Read more to discover how we can partner with you on your water journey.

Tour & Technology Showcase
Unlocking the Secrets: A Technical Tour Behind the Scenes

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of water management with our immersive technical tours! Witness the awe-inspiring power of ZLD (zero liquid discharge) and membrane filtration technologies that transform wastewater into pristine, reusable water. 

Gain practical, implementable knowledge that empowers you to become a water steward and make a real difference. Read More to unlock the secrets of water treatment and chart your course towards a sustainable future!

Testing & Analysis
Beyond the lab: Focussing on Data and Action

"Forget limitations, unlock possibilities! We're more than just a lab; we're your trusted partner in pushing the boundaries of responsible water management. Imagine diving deeper than ever before, beyond essential parameters, unearthing the hidden secrets of your water through comprehensive analysis. 

But we don't stop at data; we transform it into actionable solutions, paving the way for a sustainable water future for all.  Read more to discover how, together, we can redefine the limits of clean water.

Co-Working & Meeting Space
Dive into a vibrant ecosystem overflowing with dedicated meeting rooms

Dive into a vibrant ecosystem overflowing with dedicated meeting rooms, flexible workspaces, state-of-the-art labs, and expert support. Network with fellow water warriors, tap into invaluable resources, and watch your ideas blossom into tangible solutions that ripple outward. 

We're not just a space, we're a catalyst for change. Read more to discover how our Co-working & Meeting Space can propel your water vision into reality.

Resource Library

Navigating the murky waters of water data? Our Resource Library acts as your lighthouse, guiding you through the scattered information maze. Manage, measure, and master water use with resources on tools, techniques, and funding. Make smart water decisions, one stop at a time.

Management, Measurement & Metrics, Machines & Materials

CbD Chemistry Wastewater English

The Apparel Impact Institute webinar offers three key chapters with practical guidance…
Management, Money

Water Risk Monetizer

The Water Risk Monetizer, developed by Ecolab in collaboration with Trucost and Microsoft…
Management, Methodology, Measurement & Metrics

Open Source: Water Innovation

The Levi Strauss Open Source: Water Innovation report is a refreshing plunge into the…